An Oldschool Skydiving Club

Skydive Territory is home to Darwin Parachute Club, which is one of a few traditional skydiving clubs left in Australia.  Darwin Parachute Club was incorporated on 17 October 1974 as a not-for-profit organisation.  Our Club is fueled by vibrant volunteers who give their time generously to continue the long history of skydiving in the Northern Territory.  We pride ourselves on our rich history and welcoming atmosphere and we enjoy promoting the sport which has given us so much in life!  DPC DPC DPC!

Rel Week

Rel Week is one of Australia's oldest running skydiving festivals.  Its roots trace back to Katherine where it was first hosted in 1977.  Back then the crew launched formations from a Cessna 182 & 206.  The previously annual event is now subject to biennial hosting; this gives our team of volunteers a well deserved break between events and allows them to travel to other events around the world.  Rel Week continues to draw national and international skydivers to Batchelor who are in search of an event with top quality coaching and facilities topped off with the best atmosphere around.