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AFF (Accelerated Free Fall)

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Please note

AFF Stage One

AFF Stage One requires a full day of ground training before you jump with two instructors.

The ground training is starts at 8am sharp at our facility at Batchelor airstrip and includes both classroom and practical components. All aspects of your first skydive are covered- aircraft exits, basic body flight, free fall objectives, canopy flight and landing to name a few, and of course all the safety procedures that go with the sport of skydiving.

Your first jump usually takes place that afternoon or the next day. You will exit the aircraft at 12,000 feet, with two instructors maintaining grips on you until your canopy deployment at 4,500ft. Body position, height awareness, practice parachute deployments and deploying your parachute are your objectives in free fall. Once your parachute has opened you will guide your parachute to the landing area via instructions from the radio receiver in your helmet.

Our student parachute systems are state of the art. They are specially designed for students, all are fitted with automatic activation devices (AAD's) on the reserve parachute. Helmet, jumpsuits, goggles and altimeters are supplied, you just need to wear comfortable clothes and bring flat soled shoes - runners are best.


Minimum requirements: 

  • Must be at least 16 years old. Students under 18 require written consent from a parent or guardian. 

  • Weight limit is 100kg. 

  • Basic fitness and good general health are required for safety. If you are unsure whether you meet minimum requirements contact us for an individual assessment. 

  • During the ground course all students are assessed on their knowledge and ability to perform freefall tasks and emergency procedures.


The full Course

The AFF course has 9 stages, students must complete the objectives for each stage before moving on to the next.

After your initial ground training, each jump requires approximately 45 minutes training, plus any refresher training you may need.

all Parachute landings will be radio assisted until the student has demonstrated they can understand the landing pattern and wind direction.

Stages 1, 2 & 3 have two instructors, these jumps concentrate on overcoming sensory overload, maintaining altitude awareness, controlling stability and movement in the air, flying a parachute and landing it safely.

On AFF stage 3 all going well and to the Instructors discretion, the Instructors may release the student in free fall for the first time, to fly on their own.

Stage 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 have one instructor with an objective to refine those free fall skills and teach air skills such as turns, forward movement, slow fall, fast fall, linking with other people in free fall, back loops and dive exits from the plane all while continuing to stay height aware for a safe parachute deployment.

Stage 9 is a "Hop n Pop" (lower altitude jump) from 5000ft the student will exit the aircraft leaving the instructor behind, followed by a short delay and a sub terminal deployment. YAHOO! 

once stage 9 is successfully completed, the fun is only just beginning & more coaching and guidance will be available.



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