Darwin Parachute Club welcomes David Loncasty and Tracey Basman from Aussie Bigways to Rel Week Boogie 2017.  David and Tracey are well known in the Australian bigway formation scene for their skills and hard work behind the scenes, nonetheless we are excited to be working together on this event.


David Loncasty's skydiving career spans almost 35 years (not giving away any ages here). David has participated in the 242, 282, 300 and current 400way World Record events.  He has coached and flown Open 8way, competing at a National Level for many years, also to mention is his coaching of the Stray Cats Intermediate 8way Team for many years with Darren Pearson, (this team still hold the National record for points in time). Davey has participated in many overseas bigway and record events; His sequential skydiving includes the first four Perris Spring Fling sequential jumps, 200way sequential attempts in Eloy in 2010, one grip out, and in 2014 was the Arizona Airspeed Challenge 20-year Reunion 100way Bipole Jewel event in Eloy. He flies 4way, 8way, Bigways, CRW, and flew camera for the Australian women’s 4way team at the 2014 World Meet. David loves to design, organize, and jump bigger way skydives. 


Tracey Basman commenced her skydiving career in April 2003 and now has over 2700 jumps. Her focus to date has been jumping in teams, whether it is 4ways, 8ways or Big Ways. This structured learning environment lends itself to great skydiving improvements and achievements. At the moment, her passion and mission is to assist in building a strong team for our upcoming largest Aussie Big Way Record Attempt in Perris 2019 as the Aussie Bigways National Events Co-ordinator and Mentor.  Tracey's impressive career includes the following attempts and records;

Big Way Events/World Record Attempts:

  • ‘Eagles Over Oshkosh’ Display World Record – Oshkosh 2015 (part of AT6 Sequential Record Team)
  • World Record 200way Sequential Event - Eloy 2013
  • Perris Wheel 151way Invitational Event - Perris 2012
  • Perris camps, 100ways & Spring Flings – Perris 2007 to present
  • Thai Sky Festivals and other International Events and Boogies jumping all sorts of aircraft including Hercules, Perris Jet and G222 - 2004 to present


  • Australian 119way Record - 2015
  • Women’s 117way Sequential World Record – 2014 (part of sequential move team)
  • Australian Women’s CRW Record - 8 stack - 2011
  • Australian 112way Record - 2010
  • Australian 8way Intermediate Record with ‘Stray Cats’ - 15 points – 2007

FS Teams:

  • Coached and organised many Bigway Events around Australia leading up to the Australian Record in 2015 – this was instrumental in building and preparing the team for the 119way record – 2013 to present (still coaching!)
  • 4way Women’s Open Team ‘SistaMatic’ – coached by Craig Vaughan and Darren Pearson.  Represented Australia at the World Championships in Czech Republic 2014
  • Coach and competitor of Intermediate 4way team ‘Flat Attack’ competing at Australian Nationals 2012 – 2nd place
  • Competed in many NSW State Meets and Australian National Competitions in 4way and 8way disciplines from 2006 to present; coaches include Simone Bambach, Darren Pearson, Eliana Rodriquez, Craig Girard and Shannon Pilcher.