Travis Naughton - Wingsuit

Travis began jumping at Skydive Territory at Batchelor in 2004.  He has been skydiving for over 12 years and wingsuiting for 6 years, with 2500+ jumps and 1000+ wingsuit flights. He is a current APF AFF instructor, tandem master and wingsuit tutor. He is a wingsuit instructor with 5D Wingsuiting and current Phoenix Fly coach and dealer.

Travis has been teaching wingsuiting for 5 years and has been a load organiser/wingsuit instructor at events in Australia and New Zealand.

This will be Travis third time coaching at a Rel Week Boogie and he also recently ran a first flight wingsuit weekend at Skydive Territory. 



"Since I started skydiving I always wanted to fly a wingsuit, fast forward 6 years and now I'm a wingsuit instructor.  I'm passionate about wingsuit flying and teaching people the discipline I love.  If you haven't been to Rel Week - you are missing out!  Rel Week Rocks!!!" - Travis