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    Our upcoming schedule of jump dates for AFF courses,

    continuations and sports jumpers is in the calendar.

    Please contact us if you are interested

    in learning to skydive.

Darwin Parachute Club


Student training jump prices

lear price.fw


Tandem Jump    $450 (from 12,000 feet)


AFF 1         $565 (Includes ground training and jump)

AFF 2 – 3   $460 (each)

AFF 4 – 8   $280 (each)

AFF 9         $160


Note: If the student completes all 9 stages with DPC we waive the AFF 9 charges.

B Rel’s (Includes 6 Stages) $180 each, includes gear hire.

B Rels with own gear $125 per jump.


Advancement to the next stage requires successfully completely the objectives of the stage and is not automatic.